Development, manufacturing and commercialization of active ingredients for nutritional and topical applications

Synéova, a business unit of Groupe SiliCycle, is specialized is the development, manufacturing and commercialization of active ingredients for nutritional and topical applications.  Under the umbrella of Groupe SiliCycle, Synéova readily benefits of a vast pharmaceutical expertise in the extraction and purification of active components from various biomasses. Such capacities are used for internal developments and can also be offered as CMO services.


Our exclusive probiotic strains are well characterized and unique as they produce and secrete bacteriocins. Resisting the gastro-intestinal tract environment, their actions extend from pathogen growth inhibition to immune system regulation and anti-viral mechanisms. Applications range from nutritional supplements to dairy product natural conservation.

Essential Oils

We manufacture Ecocert® and USDA Organics essential oils originating from the Canadian Boreal Forest. We harvest biomasses and proceed to the water distillation of all raw materials in our extraction plant also located in the Boreal Forest. Each lot is qualified by chromatographic analyses made by an independent certified laboratory.

Marine Omega-3

DPA-Mega™ is our brand of omega-3 seal oil. DPA-Mega™ is manufactured in our factory – Total Ocean – located in the Magdalen Islands (Eastern Canada) that was issued a Site License by Health Canada as per the Natural Health Products regulations and certifies that the ingredient complies with the Good Manufacturing Practices. Part of our proprietary manufacturing process, molecular distillation ensures a high-quality ingredient containing the omega-3s EPA, DHA and DPA.

Cannabis extracts

We succeeded to apply our expertise in extraction and purification processes to the biomasses of hemp and cannabis. Most of the biomass used is organic certified. We can provide full spectrum and distillate extracts enriched in CBD. Furthermore, we sld be in a position of offer fractions enriched in other cannabinoids such as CBG.