A pure and northern source of DPA omega-3

DPA: A key omega-3

The health benefits of omega-3s are well recognized. The benefits for inflammatory conditions, painful joints and cognitive health have been demonstrated in several publications. While the omega-3s EPA and DHA are well-known, DPA is a rare and very effective omega-3.
  • DPA (DocosaPentaenoic Acid) plays a central role in the synthesis of omega-3s 1
  • DPA regenerates EPA and DHA in the body 2An EPA and DHA booster
  • DPA is 10X more effective than EPA in a vascular reconstruction model 3
  • DPA is present in breast milk and contributes in pre and post development 4

Seal oil: The best marine source of DPA

The best marine source of the omega-3 DPA is seal oil. The presence of DPA (in addition to EPA and DHA) in seal oil advantageously differentiates it from fish oil.
  • Seal oil is 20% better than fish oil for increasing omega-3s in blood platelets 5
  • Seal oil is more effective than fish oil in decreasing hepatic triglycerides 6-7
  • Seal oil is superior to fish oil in reducing plasma triglycerides 3
  • Seal oil outperforms fish oil in elevating “good” cholesterol levels 5

Naturally assimilated by the body

A unique feature of seal oil is the molecular structure of its lipids. It is similar to that of humans and animals thus making its omega-3 fatty acids more bioavailable.

  • Seal oil is a highly bioavailable source of omega-3s
  • The structure of DPA promotes its release of ingested triglycerides

DPA-Mega™: A superior product

We are producers of a high quality omega-3 seal oil under the brand DPA-Mega™.
Our manufacturing plant – Total Ocean – located in the Magdalen Islands obtained a site license from Health Canada as per regulations on natural health products and good manufacturing practices (GMP).

The main feature of our exclusive purification process is the use of molecular distillation. Along with serial filtration steps, molecular distillation removes impurities which may be present in the oil. The final step is the addition of a synergistic mix of natural antioxidants to protect the integrity of the whole ingredient, especially its omega-3 active components EPA, DHA and DPA. To our knowledge, our omega-3 seal oil is the only one in North America to be purified by molecular distillation.


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