Probiotic Strains & Bacteriocins

Synéova’s probiotic strains are unique in their ability to produce and secrete bacteriocins. Bacteriocins are post-biotic metabolites that support the balance – or eubiosis – between the hundreds of bacterial strains that make up the microbiota. Our probiotics survive and remain effective as they pass through the upper gastrointestinal environment.

Recent scientific developments show that the benefits of probiotic metabolites and bacteriocins go beyond the antibacterial action itself by influencing the overall physiological response of the host.

Proacticin™ PA


  • Protection against foodborne Listeria and Clostridium
  • Providing a daily protection of the microbiota
  • People with weakened immune system
  • Occasional and frequent travelers
  • Supporting gut ecological fitness

Proacticin™ PA is a system combining the probiotic strain Pediococcus acidilactici UL5, a member of the Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB) group, with its secreted bacteriocin pediocin PA-1. Proacticin™ PA resists a gastro-intestinal simulated environment and possesses a targeted action against Listeria sp. a potentially dangerous foodborne pathogen.

Proacticin™ PA is a key ingredient in probiotic formulations aimed at protecting and regularizing the Gastro-Intestinal tract Health.

Ideal for a daily management of the gut microbiota ecology and travelers who might be exposed to foodborne diseases

Proacticin™ Z


  • Preventing growth of pathogens
  • Pro-immune action
  • Daily protection of the microbiota
  • Occasional and frequent travelers
  • Conservation of meat and dairy products

Proacticin™ Z is a system combining the probiotic strain Lactococcus lactis MJC18, a member of the Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB) group, with its secreted bacteriocin nisin Z. Thanks to the efficacy of our nisin Z, Proacticin™ Z has a wide-spectrum anti-bacterial activity. Furthermore, nisin Z has immunomodulatory and antiviral properties.

Proacticin™ Z possesses a wide-spectrum anti-bacterial efficacy and can act as a shield protecting against pathogen bacteria.

Its immunomodulatory actions position it as an essential ingredient for immune system boosters helping fights against viruses

The scientific results obtained with Proacticin™ PA were presented at Probiota 2020 in Dublin.

Click the link below or the thumbnail to access the poster.

Proacticin™ PA – Synéova – Poster Probiota Dublin Feb 2020 (pdf/1.7mb)

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